Thursday, June 4, 2015

Meet the Crew

Sorry I'm a day late..y'all won't hold it against me right?? I hope not haha :)

This week has been very exciting and eventful!

  • On Thursday, we got two more kids at our rescue orphanage!! (You will meet them in a second.) That makes six happy kids who all get to go to school and eat three times a day! Yay Jesus!
  • On Sunday, we were on our way to church and broke down for a good hour on a pretty dangerous road. It was very different from breaking down in the states..instead of people automatically knowing to get over when there is a car broken down, you have to create "traffic cones," So, they go get bushes and lay them in the road to guide traffic traffic cones...what. the. heck. lol But we got it fixed and got home before we got robbed ;) 
  • On Monday, the lady who cleans our clothes brought her son with her, and while she wasn't looking, he got into the bleach and drank some. He is probably 13 months so he didn't know any better, but he was crying and saying that his belly hurt. So sad. He is ok though! 
  • Tuesday we got a washing machine!!! (Can I get a amen?!) and I got to drive in traffic lol..I thought I was going to crash! Junior is in the back saying "just pull out and show them your intensions!" I said "uhhhh, I'm American and you don't just pull out when there are cars everywhere!" luckily, we didn't die and I got us across the street haha 
  • And today we are picking up the first mission team of the summer! So excited to be able to talk to people who I can actually understand. #thestruggleisreal 

{So now} its time to meet the crew. The kids that come over every day and make me never want to leave this place. The ones that stole my heart last time I was here and never gave it back. The ones that keep me laughing and make me feel like I'm at home. The ones that....ok ok, I'll shut up and get to the kids :))

>>First, this is Mackenlove. She has been the only girl at the rescue orphanage up until last Thursday. She is quiet and soft spoken, she can sew like no ones business, she is motherly, and has a heart of gold. Even though we can't always communicate, we have so much fun together!

<<This is Mackenlove's twin brother, Mackendy. He has had a rough time this past year and was close to death. His colon ruptured into his stomach and he was dealthy ill for a few months. Thankfully Shanika was here to nurse him back to health! He is now a strong young man who loves the Lord and is full of energy all the time! We are so thankful for God's faithfulness and watching out for him because he is a joy to have around.

>>Then there is Fritzon. Back when he was at the old orphanage, he was the one that led the boys in worship every night. Worship is his passion and I catch him singing all the time, it's beautiful. He truly has the joy of the Lord as well. He is always laughing and making everyone laugh. He is a gift and I always call him my wittle baby..I don't think he likes it haha

 <<This is Robenson. He has such a gift for making things. He has taught himself how to make bracelets and he sells them whenever there is a team here. He has made up to seventy dollars in one week with a team! He is also in sewing class with the other kids and is excelling rapidly. He made a whole dress the other day. So proud of him. :)

>>And finally, this is Rolando and Judith. These are our two new "babies" at the orphanage. They are both still adjusting to the reality that there will be food on the table three times a day, so whenever there is food, they eat until their little tummies cant hold anymore.

They both have parents but haven't heard from them in over seven years. Their uncle has been taking care of them since the last orphanage they were in. He didn't have a job and could barely feed them, so they are now ours :)

Rolando is a huge snugger and wants to just hold your hand or lay on you.

Judith is a girly girl who paints her nails every day! She says she wants to make Barbies when she grows up :)

{So} that is the crew that I always talk about! They are all unique and so precious. They are all a joy and I can't imagine my life without any of them!

Be on the look out for my blog post next week! I'll be sharing about leading the first mission team and what life is like with people here! I'm sure I'll  be learning a whole lot...especially with sharing a room with SIX girls. #helpmeJesus

Thank you once again for your prayers and continued support through this summer!

\\//God Bless\\//

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Ups and downs


Wow, what a week it has been! More like an emotional roller-coaster.

<<Here's a small glimpse of what this week has consisted of:

- Experienced the joy of giving kids new shoes.
- Surprising them with fresh mangos :)
- Cried because I miss the people back at home.
- Saw someone on the side of the road who had been hit by a car.
- Had the privilege of hearing the most beautiful sound of Haitians worshiping with just their voices (go to my Facebook page to hear it.)
- Laughed so hard that I got abs.
-Went to the most beautiful beach for the night.

The list goes on!

{But} I would have to say the highlight of this week was when the kids came over to sew, and through the creole/English dictionary, I was able to communicate that I won't be leaving until August. I wish I would of had a camera because they lite up and started asking over and over "August!?!?! August!?!"

Such a great moment of overcoming the language barrier!

But, I realize I never posted any pictures last post, so I want to share some of those with y'all today! (Aren't y'all excited?!?)

|| The flight was perfect ||

| MacKendy and Fritzon! They both come over with the group to sew |

| Everybody gets a new pair |

| New shoes excitement right here |

| The street be cray |

| I will post more next time |

Last week the Lord began to show me how the people here have so much faith. It's truly a beautiful thing.{This week}, He has been challenging me with this:
  • Anyone who goes to an orphanage is going to love and play with the kids. It doesn't matter who you are, why you're there, or what you believe..that's just what people are going to do.The question that keeps popping up in my mind is, "what makes me different from every other person?"

 Not that I'm special or anything, please don't read it that way. But more of, are these kids seeing Christ in me? Am I allowing the Lord to work through me while I'm with these children?

It's a question that I have asked myself everyday this week.

Because without communication, how do you preach the gospel? I mean, I smile all the time...that's about as close as I've got to sharing Jesus lol

The raw truth is that I don't know how to....yet. I am determined to find a way without communication!

Haiti is really challenging me in more ways than I expected and I haven't even reached the two week mark. But I am so excited for what all He will teach me here. I pray that I leave here a changed person. That He would humble me while I am here... <----scary prayer haha

Thank you all for your continued prayers and support!!! I literally don't have the words to explain my gratitude.

My prayer is that through my shared challenges, joys, struggles and success, each one of you will be challenged in your walk with the Father.
Love yall!! :)

Monday, May 18, 2015

First week

Hey friends!

So sorry it took me so long to post this. I have been busy busy here in Haiti since I landed last Tuesday.

I want to start off by saying that this is my first blog and have absolutely no idea what I'm doing haha. I figured this would be an easier way to communicate than anything else.

Also, I will for sure misspell a whole lot and not use the right tense and what not, so just be prepared. :)

Enough with the nonsense! Life in Haiti is SO great! It has almost been a week and it has flown by. I have finally set up my phone so being able to communicate with everyone back home has been the biggest blessing.

Thank the Lord for I right?!

So a lot of people have been asking me what I'm doing here?

So my main responsibility is being in charge of the mission teams that will be coming this summer. We won't have one until June 4th so I've been doing the administrative side of it this week.

-Getting team information
-Flight information (so we actually get to the airport in time to pick them up haha)
-Meal planning

All that jazz.

We are also partnered with five different orphanages. So we deliver water once a week to each orphanage and just hang out with the kids while we are there. Its the best. I believe we deliver food once a month to the kids, but we deliver a LOT when we do deliver!

That's basically what we have been doing since I got here. It may not seem like much but it takes a long time to get stuff done around here.

Traffic in Haiti puts 280 to shame...Yes, that's right. To shaaaaaaaame!

But I don't mind it :) Its normal life here so you get used to it.

We also have a smaller orphanage right down the road and those kids come to the mission house (where I live) every day. They are learning to sow and will come over to practice and learn. They also like to try and teach me Creole while they are over...and also like to laugh at me when I can't pronounce stuff. Haha its a blast!

So that is a small bit of information about why I am here and what I'm doing. I don't want to give y'all information overload, so I'll end with this...

The Lord has really opened my eyes to see what true faith is in the short time I've been here. The Haitian people have to have faith that He is going to provide their next meal. Faith that he will provide the funds for clean water. Faith for everything. When I look at the Haitian people, I see people who really understand the meaning of this.

It challenges me in my walk with the Lord and I pray that He really teaches me the true meaning of faith. Its so easy in the states to just do everything ourselves and not rely on the Lord, because we have access to so much. I really hope I can leave here with a new outlook on really trusting the Lord fully. So as you read this, I hope you are challenged to really search your hearts and ask the Lord to strengthen your faith.

Love you all and thank you so much for your support and prayers!